Postcard from Oslo, Norway 14

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A mystery iron gate, wonder what’s inside.. the roof reminds the boys of a cellar, it feels a bit creepy…

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Yeah, Heffanutt found some greenery in this street too – a plant and a forgotten Christmas decoration (?!?).  You always have to have something green according to Heffanutt.

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Animals of the world, Roe Deer

Animals of the world, Cartoon,imagination,writing,drawing,illustrations,The ant king and Heffanutt, The ant king and Heffanutt

rådyr (640x438)

  • The roe deer is widespread in Europe
  • The roe deer’s coat is reddish brown in summer and greyish brown in winter. It has a pale buff patch around its rump.
  • Size; body length 95–135 cm (3.1–4.4 ft), shoulder height 65–75 cm (2.1–2.5 ft), and weight 15–35 kg (33–77 lb)
  • Bucks in good conditions develop antlers. The roe deer begin regrowing antlers in the winter and almost immediately after they are shed
  • The roe deer is very quick and graceful
  • They feed mainly on grass, leaves, berries, and young shoots
  • Life expectancy in the wild is 10 years
  • The roe deer is territorial, other roe deer of the same sex are excluded unless they are the doe’s offspring of that year
  • They tend to be solitary in summer, but forms small, loose groups in winter
  • The rut, or breeding season, occurs between mid-July to mid-August. Fights between bucks can result in serious injury or death with the winner taking over the loser’s territory or attendant doe
  • They are active throughout the 24-hour period, but make more use of open spaces during the hours of darkness
  • When alarmed bucks and does give a short bark, which is often repeated


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