Postcard from Oslo, Norway 1 Karl Johan

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What would happen if Bird let two little friends borrow her old camera, so they could take photos of their own? Let’s find out!

The photos may have a different perspective than you are used to, after all, they are not the tallest creatures in this city.

Starting with postcards from Karl Johan, Oslo’s main street, this month and then move on to other streets in Oslo. Karl Johan connects Oslo Central  Station, the main railroad station in Oslo, and the Royal Palace

This is the Royal Palace surrounded by the Palace Park with the Palace Square in the front. The camera is a bit heavy for them, so they weren’t able to keep it fully horizontal:

hpim1483 (640x480)

And this is the view facing Karl Johan. Luckily they found a pile of snow to climb up on. Remember The Ant King and Heffanutt are tiny, so Karl Johan is pretty far away at this picture:

hpim1488 (640x480)

After a long walk, Heffanutt and The Ant King finally reached Karl Johan:

hpim1493 (640x480)

Heffanutt and The Ant King took all photos an early Sunday morning to avoid people and traffic, otherwise, you would see nothing but legs and shoes. More pictures are coming up in a couple of days.

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